Dosing CBD

Properly Dosing CBD

There are four main ways to consume CBD. You can take it orally through tinctures or drops under the tongue (referred to as sublingual), you can rub it directly on your skin with a Salve, you can inject it orally through Edibles like gummy snacks, or you can use CBD or Hemp Flower and smoke and inhale CBD into the lungs. Each method provides a different efficacy which describes how much benefit you will receive.
To dose CBD properly, there are a variety of factors that need to be taken into consideration. Like our main page alluded too, things like metabolism, pain levels, body mass, and more play important roles in how to properly administer CBD. The information listed below is a guide that we use to help clients properly dose CBD. For more detailed instructions, please make sure to call us!
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CBD Tinctures Sublingually Drops

Getting the most out of CBD Tinctures Sublingually

Tinctures or sublingual drops, in our opinion, is one of the safest and provides the most “bang for your buck” if you will. With a +/- 60% efficacy, you should receive a decent benefit within 20 minutes or so of dosing. The key to dosing Tinctures properly is to take into account things like your metabolism, body mass, and symptom or pain level. The chart below provides a general outline that we recommend to clients.

Pathway of CBD and Bloodstream Level

CBD can be absorbed directly into bloodstream from capillary-rich areas underneath the tongue, along the gums and cheek. This pathwayavoids first-pass metabolism and is sent directly throughout the body. The peak bloodstream levels range from 0.5 – 5 hours.

Dosing CBD Properly

Recommended CBD dosage chart

Wellness Objective

Feel Good

Feel Better

Feel Best

Body Weight
75 lbs

Serving Size

Serving Size

Serving Size

Body Weight
75-149 lbs

Serving Size

Serving Size

Serving Size

Body Weight

Serving Size

Serving Size

Serving Size

Body Weight
250 + lbs

Serving Size

Serving Size

Serving Size

Usage recommendation: Dose accordingly up to 1-3x daily as desired. stronger doses than those listed may be more suitable for certain CBD consumers. We encourage you. to determine the best serving size for yourself as every individual’s needs may be different.

Using Salves

Salves are used to treat pain at the source. They are very effective by themselves or are often used in conjunction with tinctures or sublingual drops. We call this “giving yourself a hug”. By applying an amount no more than the size of a dime to the effected area, a little will go a long way! Normally, clients report feeling relief within 1 – 2 hours. Keep in mind, salves must be used often to maintain their effectiveness. Sometimes, you may need to apply a salve two to three times a day over a period of several days for maximum pain relief.
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Edible cbd products

Edible CBD Products

Edible CBD products come in a variety of forms. Most common are in the form of candies, but you can also find suckers, gum, chocolate bars, honey sticks, and more. Edibles are considered the least effective means to consume CBD because of its low efficacy rate. The reason it is low is because it must go through your digestive system in order to get absorbed into the body. This is not to say edibles are ineffective. We often recommend them for children with ADHD, those who need a something more subtle to take during the day or in a car, or those who enjoy a little more flavor when taking their CBD over a tincture. Your dosage will depend largely on the edible, your metabolism, your body mass, and the symptoms you are trying to treat. Keep in mind that edibles tend to provide longer lasting effects, but again, you are typically only receiving 10 – 20% efficacy from each dose.

Hemp Flower or CBD Cigarettes

For those who enjoy smoking, CBD Cigarettes or Hemp Flower (or just Flower) provides a high efficacy or benefit but with a few unwanted sigmas. Because smoking provides other potential long term health risks, it is not our first product to necessarily recommend but again, it is quite effective. Flower comes in a variety of flavors and strengths providing those who enjoy smoking some alternatives. Patients report Flower to be effective at relieving symptoms of anxiety, depression, PTSD, pain, and more. It can have a calming effect which allows an individual to relax, thus alleviating some of the symptoms they may be experiencing.
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Encore CBD Dosing

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