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1966 I entered the US Army and went to Helicopter Flight School. 1968 I received a one-way ticket to Vietnam as a Pilot. I experienced running, jumping, dodging, firing weapons, noisy shaking helicopters and Agent Orange. 1969 I received a return airplane ticket to the United States. No one told me I had hearing problems, life threatening experiences and hearing loss from jet engines. I thought I was fine. Overall, I spent 40 years in the military retiring in 2006. 2007, 2010 and 2014 I applied to the VA for medical enrollment.
I was turned down at the front desk as I was retired and was not qualified. My wife and her Navy friend took me by the hand and led me to the VA Enrollment office Grand Junction Colorado. The representative said I was qualified and sent for physical evaluation. I had hearing loss, tinnitus and arthritis in my knees, rated severe. 2016 My doctor says I require knee replacement surgery. I did not want surgery. I tried home remedies including raisins and Gin only to find it does not cure.

2019, I found CBD. I thought it was Marijuana. Did not want it. Then a friend asked me what is citrus? I answered oranges, lemons, etc.. He said Cannabis is like citrus, it covers Hemp and Marijuana. CBD comes from the Hemp plant. I started research to find CBD is an anti-inflammatory. Once I determined my dosage (CBD is based on purity and dosage for body weight) I went with 42 MG per day.

CoronaVirus (COVID-19) comes to the United States. There is a belief it causes inflammation in the lungs and other organs. Further research shows, CBD is the strongest of all anti-inflammatory options. Now I take it daily. CBD is my daily way to prevent any inflammation in my heart, lungs and any other organ.

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Relationship Builder and Entrepreneur (over 14 yrs.)
Minority business owner, operating within the hemp/marijuana industry for the last 6 yrs.
Owned and operated medical marijuana grow farm (10 acres) for 4 yrs.*
Owned and operated recreational marijuana grow farm (55 acres) for over 2 yrs.*
Owned and operated a chain of vapor stores for 3 yrs.*
Currently, owner operator of CBD exclusively 2 yrs sold
Owned and Operated a chain of tattoo shops for 6 yrs. *
Military Service: disabled veteran with 16 yrs. of service

Business Description

Hi my name Tyrone Palmer, Lawence Polinsky and myself started Encore – CBD so you can give your body a hug Also because we felt that there a lot of people selling CBD product. but no one is Educating the public. The need to educate the public on what CBD is and what it can do for helping one’s quality of life, and how it relate to the Marijuana family, and the different between the two type of plants for healing benefits and properties. as-well as showing and explaining how to properly use the product to get the maximum effect one’s looking for. to relieve or deal with their issue or symptoms, offering a choice to individual about health care and Alternative to Pharmaceutical medications. Clean it up but this is why.

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